central KY community action council’s 2019 impact report

Central Kentucky Community Action Council is a non-profit agency delivering vital programs and services to low-income citizens in the Lincoln Trail District.


Impact Report


What I Developed

One of the best collateral pieces a nonprofit can have in their arsenal is an annual impact report that highlights the year’s successes and paints a picture of all the hard work and impact they have on their community.

Central Kentucky Community Action Council once again had Mandy Lambert spear head the content writing while Blue Meta Design focused on the layout and flow of their impact report.

Impact Report

This year’s annual impact report highlighted the numbers and successes in all programs with the theme of ‘hope’ which was visually represented through bright colors and photography. 


In anticipation of this annual report, we spent a day with CKCAC to capture their various programs with lifestyle photography that featured actual individuals who benefit from the nonprofits programs.

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