Saving time at work on mundane tasks may make you roll your eyes, but every second adds up. Trust me.
As a designer, time is of the essence.
Not only for my business but for my clients too.
Working in these tips that will save you time at work and will help you accomplish more during your work hours.

Keyboard Shortcuts


This one simple tip will have your head spinning at the time you save at work.

I was once working with a client on updating their pitch deck and what took him 5 minutes to do, took me 10 seconds.

No lie.

While my years of experience certainly came into play in this scenario, it was the keyboard shortcuts that were the true time saver.

keyboard shortcuts

Utilize Templates

If you as an entrepreneur or if your organization doesn’t have templates established. Do it now!

Templates, whether it’s an email signature, letterhead, presentation, excel file, social media, etc. not only shows the business in a professional manner with consistent branding, it also reduces literally hours off of your day from reinventing the wheel.

Time Block Your Day

There are lots of ways that you can start implementing time blocking into your day, but I recommend doing it daily within your preferred calendar program (ical, Calendy, Google Calendars, etc.).

Each day when you sit at your desk with your cup of joe scroll through your emails and then time block your day.

Your day will likely already have pre-scheduled meetings, now block off time for each specific task you have to complete that day.

This will not only help keep you focused, but it allows you to see what tasks you are spending more time on and where your areas of improvement are.

Tip:┬áTo save time at work, set each time block to have a reminder pop-up. This will let you know when it’s time to start the next project and keep you accountable.

Turn Your Email Off, Kind-of

Getting sucked into the bottomless email hole is something we are all too familiar with.

That’s why this tip will be like the angels opening up the heavens.

Let me introduce you to Inbox When Ready. (The one downfall to this program is that it’s a Chrome extension. So if you don’t work on that platform, scroll on.)

Inbox When Ready allows you to hide your inbox, set a lockout schedule of your emails, and set a time or frequency limit on how many times you can view your emails.

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