Graphic Design Services


I can set aside an entire day to tackle your graphic design needs or work more long-term with a retainer. I give our clients choices to fit their needs.

I offer fast, design day options or long-term design retainers.

Design Days

With design days, you get one entire day dedicated to you and you alone, which means I get more projects done in a very short timeframe.

With each Design Day, you get two check-ins from me: one midday and one end-of-day, keeping you in the loop from start to finish. 

Monthly Retainers

Retainer packages give you a consistent designer to help knock out projects on a more long-term basis. It also gives me an intimate, in-depth knowledge of your business and systems, allowing us to guide your brand visuals toward your specific goals.

I’ve worked on everything from social media graphics and ads to annual reports, sales page design to PDF layouts.

Available in 3-month contracts in packages of 8 hours per month and up.

Here are just a few recently completed projects.

I’m ready to start.

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